Non-attendance & cancelation policy

Non-attendance is defined as, booking a spot for theoretical class and not participating in it without a prior cancellation. In case of non-attendance of the booked theoretical class, the student is charged a sum of 30€ per non-canceled unit. Cancellation is defined as, informing the person in charge of the school, in advance, of a non-participation of the booked theoretical class. In case of cancellation. Each student has the right to cancel their booked theoretical class. The cancellation has to be done 4 hours before the theoretical class starts, in order to do a cancellation free of charge. In case of non-cancellation or non-attendance of the theoretical class, the student will be charged 30€ per non-attended or non-canceled class.

16 October 2023Monday
18:30 - 20:30
Code 2

  • Traffic partnership with pedestrians, bikers, trucks and buses
  • Speed limitations
  • Safety and stopping distances
  • To pass an obstacle (Definition)
  • To overtake (Definition)
  • To park (Definition)

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